9 years and counting (started in 2005)

  • Carfax is a full fledged XP shop and what I know about Agile I have learned there
  • Main focus areas:
  • I received a lot of exposure to the current development ideas by attending software conferences. I got to meet in person some of the pioneers of XP - Bob Martin, Martin Fowler, Alan Shalloway. There was also in-house company training - I had an opportunity to interact with Ron Jeffries, Michael Feathers, Jim Shore, Josh Kerievsky, and Andy Hunt.
  • Java on Windows and OpenVMS, Oracle


4.5 years (2001-2005)

  • company's specialty was semantic networks, and we developed applications in assisted qualitative analysis for social researchers, newspaper article analysis, census data human language queries, and even automated essay grading
  • even though it is an established company, in many ways the experience resembled a startup - from going to conferences to promote the product, through order processing, support, and last, but not least, the development of software.
  • most work was done in Delphi on Windows, but I remember having to write order processing system in PERL
  • at some point I ran into test driven development and extreme programming materials online and started implementing them.
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