Reading material

Not an exhaustive list, just things on my current roadmap.


In progress
Art of Agile Software Development, Shore
Patterns of Agile Enterprise Architecture, FowlerEven though some reviewers find it dated, I get a lot of insight about architecture principles from this book
To do
Continuous Delivery, Humble
Domain Driven Design, Evans
Fearless Change, Manns
Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner
Books that made a lasting impression
Clean code, Martinno compromise approach to coding, more on SOLID
Refactoring, FowlerFirst five chapters changed the way I write code
Agile Software Development, MartinExcellent, but still not exhaustive chapters on SOLID principles
Design Patterns, GoFFirst 3 chapters - great ideas in component design
How to win friendsā€¦., Dale Carnegie timeless classic on the ABCs of interacting with peopleā€¦ wish I had read it in kindergarten
Leap, Smith retrospective look at a career, risk mitigation, and what makes and propels great startups
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